Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Event Photography - Aebu's Engagement

20th June 2012

My cousin, Aebu (Aneerudh) got engaged to pretty Avanti last Wednesday. It was a well organised event. Shami (Abhinav) his younger brother threw around orders at his younger cousins as usual (us) and I was told to go around photographing them. Unfortunately he wasn't aware that I'm a regular photographer and that I had no skills to follow the bride and the groom. I wanted to capture the mood of the event - the people, the food and the place. I couldn't get everything, and I learnt that capturing people naturally is so difficult coz they keep moving. Since the light wasn't great either, I had to keep a high ISO of 1600 and a high shutter so nothing goes blurred. The focus is on manual everywhere, that's why some of them are out of focus. I hope Aebu liked them after the download! :-s

The Bride (Avanti) and Groom (Abhinav). Unfortunately I cut off their hands. :(

Distribution of sugar

Shivraj and Dhanu (my two best bros') Mum

She's so pretty! :)

Fidalgo hotel

Groom's brother Abhinav (Shaami) acting stupid.

Disrespectful? Naah, this is how our family rolls.

The cutest baby in the house!

Catching the action and the ambience.

From left, Shivani, Meghan (who came down from U.S) and Diya baby.

Groom's Mum

Ladies! Smile!

Gossip girls

This is one of my favourite pictures, and I'm so glad I caught it at the right moment! Diya baby and my cousin sis Shivani. I hope she gets to see this picture some day!

Shivraj and Kishan (my cousin from U.S who I met for the first time!) He's very smart for a 6 year old! :)

Kishan and Meg - so glad I caught this. :)

Kishan's so cute!

The groom, my cousin bro Aneerudh.

Meg and her dad.

The Swiss Team! These 3 pretty ladies recently returned from Switzerland.

Clicked by dhanu - he's very experimental when it comes to photography. There's something very artsy about how he's composed this. :|

Shivani and I.

Shami and I, he expected the horns after destroying my photos!

Radiya tai, Shaami and Aebu's mum.

My parents!

Mommy cool!

Pretty baby and her mum!

Two favourite bros. It's hard to believe that technically they're my uncles!

I love this pic! me, Shivraj and Shivani.

Bride's father.

Beardless and clean shaved Shaami (you don't wanna know)

Couple of the Millenium, Paepu and Smita tai!


"You! Make me look good!"
Shaami was happily throwing orders around at me.

I've started seeing everything like a film! These two shots are shot from both sides, like a dialogue action. Oh well, that's for being an animator.

<Fade out>

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