Monday, 25 July 2011

Mumbai karnik's home

A guest always sees things differently from people living in a home. These are some shots from Mumbai.

Pune to Mumbai

Shots clicked while travelling from Pune to Mumbai. It was a rainy day and rain is one of my favourite subjects! :)

Toulousse Karnik

Toulousse is my family friend's dog. He's a basset hound, one of the cutest you may have seen. He's sly, smart, over cute, attention seeking and possesive. But what people notice most is his pure cuteness.
I think I've got the best of him here. Dog lovers and owners, Enjoy!

Lynch Shoot

My friends Ravi Popat n Alok N.R were making a short film (30 mins..;)). The set was pretty cool, very oldstyle and I decided to click a few shots of it. Also clicked some more of the whole typo room actually!
Here're some of them.