Friday, 6 April 2012

Convocation 2012 - event photography?

6th April 2012

Phew, what a crazy eventful week. First our farewell, that was one really sweet party with a fun theme - rubik's cube.

Today in no time it was 3 and we made these really pretty origami flowers for the graduating seniors. Last minute plan.

The convocation was done beautifully this time. Everything was in order and it was neat and organized. The lighting was really nice, the panels weren't screwed (maybe because the students themselves had to manually fix them before they got printed) and it all looked very red carpet and formal. I loved that! :) Congratulations to all of them and I hope they have a wonderful career and contribute to the world of design, and do meaningful stuff. :)

I was hopping around everywhere with my camera. Here are the best clicks of the day:


  1. OMG I just discovered this blog and its truly mind boggling!!! your snaps are crazy!!! GO NIX!!!

    1. hehe, thank-you. this is kind of an undercover operation. ;)