Friday, 2 November 2012

Home experiments!

2nd November 2012

I'm posting these so late, I can't believe these pics were created last year. When I went home for diwali I finally got some time to cook and I tried making pasta and momos. Turned out pretty nice! Here're the pictures!

The pasta turned out as good as it looks, maybe better!! It got over that very day and the quantity and taste was delicious. My irritating dad couldn't even wait for me to grate cheese on top of it. Of course I used a lot of substitutes. Next time, green pasta!

This is mum's special - she makes it atleast once when I come home. Steamed buttered vegies, garlic toast, fish or meat with a potato salad on the side. DELICIOUS!!!

My awesome good secret keeper gran (ajju) helped me make the flour into flat circles. 

So they could become these!

Finally my ambitious momo experiment. The momo filling turned out SUPER delicious and very much like a real restaurant. I decided I should try making the cover with wheat flour instead of maida since it's healthier. BIG mistake. It started to get gooey and it got a little weak. Also the twist on top had too much wheat and it didn't get cooked properly. First cooking failure. But the taste was delicious.

Tomato sauce cooked with it was a little chunky and hasty, but it was so good you could have it plain.

It was still delicious, but I'd give myself a 2/5. Next time, maida instead of wheat flour and thin twists. u_u Wish I could make you guys try this as well!

Incase you haven't seen my first ever super ambitious super delicious super successful lemon-rosemary chicken recipe, here it is:

When I was buying the ingredients my parents thought this would be a big failure. It was the day before I was leaving home for college and I knew that I had to cook something one last time. So dad said he and mum already ate and they've have just one leg piece. So I bought two, one for them, one for me. When it was done they were licking their fingers and hungry for more. *sigh* I was hungry too. My dad had called his friends and we had to divide the 2 legs by 5 people. -_-

If I didn't have to massacre it it would have looked even better in the photo. 

And that's the end of another long post.

**All food cooked with instinct and recklessness. No recipe used.

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